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How the Pinkfolio App Works
Financial training

Gain wealth-growing knowledge and skills from story, video, and quiz content customized just for you through your cell phone.

TO-DO tasks

Tackle TO-DO tasks aligned with your training and goals. Mobile notifications will remind you to get the tasks done on time.

Goal tracking

Set, monitor, and fine-tune your short- and long-term financial goals that are connected with your training and TO-DOs.

Pinkfolio is a personalized financial planning and education app.
It helps users to build financial knowledge and achieve goals by organizing tasks through timely notifications. We will help you manage money and tackle investments to improve your financial standing.

Pinkfolio content

Sneak peek of our multimedia content
  • How to grow money with mutual funds


    First animation from Pinkfolio is about one of the most common ‪investment‬ product, mutual fund‬. Understand the basic concepts to make a smart decision on your investment.

    How to grow money with mutual funds
    app content
  • How investment really fluctuates


    In everyday news, it seems like financial trends move up and down dramatically, with big gains and crashes. This makes It stressful to think of cases where you could lose everything. But if you take a step back and look at the long-term market trend, it moves more steadily than it seems. Don’t let your worry or fear of short-term trends lead you to wrong long-term decisions.

    How investment really fluctuates
    app content
  • Saving isn’t good enough


    It’s great to have savings but it’s also important to ensure the funds aren’t just sitting there when there are opportunities to grow your money through investments. Nowadays, interest rate is mostly close to zero in North America (check with your bank), you might be losing your purchasing power everyday because of inflation. Look for better ways to grow your money rather than just putting it aside.

    Saving isn’t good enough
    app content
  • Consumer debt grows


    Credit cards and loans are convenient yet you end up paying a lot more than you think with compounded interest rates, which grow your debts for a longer time. For example, if you have a credit card balance with a 24% monthly compound interest rate you end up paying 3 times more the face value of the balance for 5 years. (Pinkfolio course 1: Borrow and replay smart)

    Consumer debt grows
    app content
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