August 4, 2016

Mobile App


We are very excited to release Pinkfolio on Google Play, and even more excited that we get to share it with you! We hope that you find Pinkfolio’s content and features to be beneficial, and we would love to hear your input!

To join and get your private access to the app, simply click the button below, or here.

Get it on Google Play

More content & features are coming

While Pinkfolio has three main sections (Training, TO-DO tasks, and Goals), our focus has been the personal finance training section until now. With your input, we’d like to develop Pinkfolio’s additional features.

Join the community

We had great time at our workshops in June, and will organize more events on specific financial topics. Join our mailing list or Facebook group to occasionally hear from us about events and opportunities.

Share your knowledge

If you want to share your financial knowledge and experience, you can organize your own course or publish your story with Pinkfolio. Please contact for details.

A bit more about the App

How to send us your valuable feedback?

  1. Via the Google Play Store
  2. In the Pinkfolio app, select “Feedback” from the menu
  3. Select “Rate this content” from the top-right menu in any of the content cards
  4. Join the Google+ Pinkfolio Alpha testing community and exchange with other alpha testers
  5. And of course, you can always email us at

What if Pinkfolio crashes?
In the case that Pinkfolio crashes, you may either close the app, or send us a crash report. We would, of course, deeply appreciate if you chose the latter! You will be able to include system logs with all technical information to help us fix the problems encountered.

Updates / Bug fixes
Updated versions will have new features and bug fixes that will be automatically downloaded to your device. If you do not receive updates regularly, please visit Google Play to make sure you are using the latest version!

We hope you enjoy this alpha version of Pinkfolio and look forward to hearing from you!