Practical financial workshop by Pinkfolio


Looking for a fun and Informative financial workshop?

What’s the best way to organize your finances? What do you need to know and what actions can you take NOW to attract MORE funds and REDUCE taxes? Only thinking of NOW rather than the FUTURE? How can you be prepared to scale up your business if that’s your plan?

Pinkfolio is delivering our first workshop to show you what we have created to simplify your financial needs. On June 7th and June 14th we are bringing our workshop and the alpha version of the app to you.

RSVP now at the links below:

Additionally, here are a few topics we’ll discuss that will help you achieve your life goals:


  • Women, Entrepreneurship, and Financial behaviour
  • How to Organize Finances as Your Business Grows
  • Common Myths of Startup Finances
  • How to Balance Personal and Business Finances
  • Actions You Can Take to Improve Your Finances

What More?

  • FREE food and drinks to accompany you
  • An opportunity to network with other self-employed women and entrepreneurs
  • Financial advice from financial experts and peers
  • Men are also more than welcome to join
  • If you can’t make it on June 7th, we have another workshop coming up soon


*Pinkfolio workshops for self-employed women and entrepreneurs are sponsored by StartUp Canada and Dell Canada’s women entrepreneurship fund, as well as supported by Impact Centre‘s partnership.

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