Stock option & Startup Finance: Jacqueline Leung

Jacqueline recently quit her comfortable corporate job to dedicate herself to her startup, Pressed. This may not have been possible without her smart money management in the previous years. Check out how Jacqueline has been managing her money to make big changes in her career and life. Investing through Stock Option & Budgeting Julie: I[…]


Minimalism & Finance: Interview with Jenna Li

Before moving back to Toronto, Jenna Li worked in both LA and Silicon Valley, at Guthy-Renker, GREE International, and Crunchyroll. After her dynamic life experience traveling and living in multiple international cities, she became fascinated with the concept ‘Minimalist lifestyle’ (Minimalism) to bring focus back to her life. Now Jenna is working at her own[…]


Interview with Katie: Family Finances (Part-1)

Julie is expecting a baby in a month. As a business owner, she needs to plan for expenses after the baby is born without receiving any EI benefits. On the other hand, Katie is a seasoned art director for a medical communications company but is also family oriented. She has 3 young children and lives in a[…]


How to support a pregnant entrepreneur

I am a pregnant entrepreneur, and it has been a bit more complicated than I thought. On top of my growing belly and change of appetite, pregnancy certainly gave me lots of challenges in terms of people relationship, money, and life overall. Uninterested people don’t matter most times. I didn’t think of much about pregnancy when I[…]


Interview with Katie: Financial benefits for families (Part-2)

Following the previous article, Katie and Julie continue their discussions about managing their family finances as new mothers. Their biggest difference is Julie is not eligible to receive EI benefits, since she has her own business. However, there are other financial benefits for families to consider, such as tax benefits, RESP’s for children, as well[…]